A void inside

  A beautiful vanilla sky changes into purple red in no time.The small rotating cyclones from the northeren hemisphere making their way to dry South Arizona resulting in heavy rain and strong wind leaving Adelle scared with howling of wind.The sound of the wind hitting the smooth edges of broken glass of window made the […]

If so, don’t be

For how long you’re gonna rove on the surfaces.Scared to dive into abyss? If so, don’t be. Abyss has mysteries hidden under blankets?Unfold them.Scared to get lost in the abyss?If so, don’t be.Because, this is where you’re going to discover.Discover what? The colors , the shades your soul is painted in.Don’t befriend the surfaces.I tell you, Don’t!. Surfaces? Surfaces […]

Land- beneath the silver moon.

Her doey eyes, filled with so many unanswered questions,  deep with reckless dreams longs for a brilliant mystic view . She never seems to shrink from mystery.You know why?… Because, that is life to her! All the negativity surrounding her fails to dim the light of the stars twinkling inside her because she doesn’t think of all the misery but all the beauty that […]

You’ll get there one day my friend.

You’re in right direction my friend, trust me you’re. I know in my guts you’ll reach there one day. Its not so far.Keep your head filled with mystic delights, rich imaginations and listen to your insight. Let that light penetrate into the deepest of your heart. You’re there. Almost! Only if you could see that. What if they call […]

Life – A roller coaster ride!

Life has always been a series of ups and downs. It never ceased to give me bumpy rides even for a once (Wallah) ! … I suffered yet I don’t complain.Because, this ride has been  full of lessons. Every one in life make experiences, some labelled negative some possitives. People do brag about their experiences little more often, don’t they? […]