From Pregnancy to Normal delivery

life is a beautiful blessing one is blessed with that you can never understand until it grows inside of you, isn’t it? And pregnancy is the process that makes it happen. Pregnancy is not an easy process, my friend. It demands a constant support, love, patience, understanding and care (of your spouse most importantly). Pregnancy brings mood swings along with timelessly weird food cravings. I had my food cravings seemingly out of nowhere. And one night it was so intense that I had to eat a gulab jamun by hook or by crook :p luckily, my pregnancy journey was not as bad as most of women undergo neither it was a smooth road to travel on I tell you. If you ask me to rank my experience of pregnancy on the scale of difficulty from 1 to 10, mine would be 6. But still, Alhamdulillah!(praising God).

I still remember the day so vividly my husband brought pregnancy testing strips for me and how curious he was to know the results lol. Somehow, he already knew in his gut that I was expecting a baby. I too could feel something was different with me. I began to had mood swings and my body weight was declining as well. My test turned out positive as a minute later both the lines on the strip became brighter red. My hands were literally shivering out of surprise and excitement. The feeling I had at that time is utterly indescribale. *_*

My first month was not as flat as a pancake -.- had a severe nausea, suffered from anorexia. I lost my appetite. My sense of smell became so strong that even the candles locked in my side drawer of bed made me sick and gave me mild nausea and headaches. Oh and the Smell of onions almost made me to run out of the house everytime. I lost my 3 kgs of weight in a very short span of time. The start of this journey was not really pleasant at all. In the first trimester I had a severe acne and hair fall. All in all, life was not going my way. But of all the worst things, some best things also happened. I had my Husband with me and his presence made my first trimester little more easier for me as all the time he was with me and made sure to take best care of me, tolerated my mood swings (most of the times) loved me and understood my condition. So this is how my ugly first trimester ended. In the second trimester, my husband was not with me as he flew to London for work purposes. This trimester was polite to me as compared to the first one. Nausea slumped. Appetite returned to normal. Developed little lower belly pooch. had my gender revealing ultrasound. Changed doctor, I was not satisfied with her as she was somehow not ready to ear my confusions and problems relating pregnancy. So I had to bid her a farewell and found a new one who always encouraged me to go for C section that I don’t understand why? C section has become a new trend and believe it or not Normal delivery is a new taboo today,in Pakistan. I respect an individual’s decision If something is your call, it is up to you to make a decision on the matter. But personally, I am against C section.

I know that normal delivery is a painful process as it comes with unbearable labour pains and demands a lot of tolerance and patience. Also every women has different threshold of pain and endurance. I think every women must prioritize normal delivery over C section. If you want to restore to your previous body tone and shape without facing hassles must consider the option of natural delivery process that is vaginal one. Anything that goes against nature brings consequences as well. C section by no ways is a natural process thus creates a lot of problems for us women for later in life.Contrary to that, in vaginal delivery , all the struggles and pains are temporary. Unlike C section, in normal delivery you can stand on your feet right after giving birth.Favouring C section, I still remember how my doctor used to brainwash me to go for operation and not vaginal delivery.

On one of my routinely check ups she told me that to deliver normally was near impossible for me as I had narrow bone structure not strong enough to deliver a baby from. Despite of knowing this I decided to give a normal delivery a try. In old times, there were no ultrasound and other facilities to predict if woman is capable of delivering a baby normally or not. Also if the woman has narrow bone structure or vice versa. With labour pains and contractions baby makes his way out of vagina , some with less difficulty and others with a lot of pain and struggle. Again it all depends on ones pain threshold. I remained very active during my pregnancy, I used to walk for 30 minutes daily along with squats and prenatal yoga.This helped me a lot I promise and made my normal delivery much faster and possible. You won’t believe me but during the small gap of time between on going intense painful contractions I did not sit to relax but I walked and did squats which made my dilation pretty fast. My total labour time was almost 4 and a half hours. Yes you read it right. Unbelievable? As normally for the first times the minimum labour time is at least more than 10 hours long. I was from one of the rare cases.Nothing is impossible especially those things that you are determined to do. I delivered an amazing adorable baby girl from the same narrow bone that my doctor declared incapable and feeble to carry on the process after bearing intense waves of 4 and a half hours long non stop contractions. My doctor holding my baby comes nearer to me asking how on earth you managed to do this!? she was amazed along with other staff there. They called my delivery a miracle normal delivery.

Now if want to give birth to your baby normally by a natural process there are some tips I’ve to share with you. They are:
Stay active Try to do squats, short walks and prenatal yoga is a must.
Stay hydrated Drink plenty of water and other fluids. Water is so essential during pregnancy, it is also believed that women who drinks more water don’t develop stretch marks after pregnancy as staying hydrated aids in production of collagen too.
Eat dates It is also proved from a research that eating dates makes women vaginal muscles and body stronger making normal delivery easier.
Dry Fruits consume dry fruits in smaller quantities as you need a lot of energy at the time of labour and pushing baby out. Dry fruits are power pack of nutrition.

Stay possitive try to think of and look at all the possitive things around. Try to stay calm and relaxed, Pregnancy makes you anxious too. Don’t stress about the delivery time, the pains and labour. Indulge yourself in activities that makes you happier and possitive.


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